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Laboratory Vibratory Cup Mill

Vibrating Cup Mill operates on the principle that the grinding set is fixed on a freely vibrating structure and the grinding media (the disc and the ring(s)) inside the grinding set are accelerated by centrifugal force. The sample material is ground by a combination of impact and friction forces, which depending on the material can reduce the particle size down to 10-20Ám.

The materials of construction of Grinding Media depends up on the type of samples to be grind.
For Geological Ores & Minerals-Hardened Steel Grinding Media.
For Alloys-Tungsten Carbide Lined Grinding Media.
For Coal & Coke-Tungsten Carbide Coated Grinding Media.

Technical Specification:

Voltage/connection values*

230-240 V


50-60 Hz

Input Power

1200 W

Working principle



Ball- and cylindrical roller bearings

Grinding parts

Grinding puck with impact rings

Materials of the grinding sets

Tempered steel, chromium-free steel, hardmetal tungsten carbide, agate, zirconium oxide

Motor speed

600 - 1500 rpm

Max. feed size: (depending on material)

12 mm

Min. sample quantity

10 - 20 ml

Max. sample quantity

250 ml

Final fineness

10 - 20 Ám



Useful capacity

50, 100 or 250 ml

Dimensions: (W x D x H)

Floor instrument - 77 x 76 x 116 cm