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Laboratory Density Separator

Density Separator

Star trace is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Density separator. Star Trace Density Separator is used for producing an extremely sharp partition curve when the classifying particles.

Star Trace Density separation process away from lighter/finer particles. The under flow consisting of a quick settling particles, is efficiently dewatered. By measuring the density in the teeter bed and comparing this density with known values, discharge of underflow is accordingly regulated.

  • Separation of particles by size / Specific gravity.
  • Sharp Classification.
  • Minimum water requirement.
  • Low maintenance and operating cost.

MOUNTING TYPE: Floor Mounting Type.
APPLICATION: Separation of particles by size /specific Gravity.
FEED SIZE DISTRIBUTION SPECTRUM: 0.044mm to 0.8mm or wider.
TYPE OF SEPERATOR: Teetered Bed Separator.
FEEDING: Dry solids through feeder and water through Pump.
TEETER CHAMBER: Made up of Stainless steel with a looking glass plate on one side.
DIMENSION: 40inch x40inch x75 inch.

  1. Technical data specification subject to change.
  2. Special Density Separator of different sizes and capacity can be made on request, Please send us Your's Technical data and application, required for our engineers to provide.